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Technology when sending the newsAn informative program is a television or radio program in which news of public interest are counted (as it is the case with Diario Digital Argentina

Different types of newspapers

There are different formats of information , which broadly correspond to the traditional genres of writing, such as the news, report or interview journalism. The following are some of them:

Daily newscast or informative (in Spain), newsreel (in Latin America). According to the Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy, is “information of the most outstanding events of the day , televised .” The news usually daily basis and are issued in several editions , some of which coincide with the moments of prime time ( noon or in the desktop and in prime time ) . Currently addressed preferably through news . Would be equivalent to the daily newspapers. The broadcast networks often issue news of general interest. Some chains provide news pay a specific topic , such as the arts , sports or finance.

More Newspapers

Informative magazine. It is a type of program, generally weekly broadcast, in which different journalistic genres combine to news . They often include interviews, features and / or discussions with that address one or more information items from an analytical perspective , different from the mere statement of the facts which takes place in a story. Would correspond to weekly magazines or print journalism.

Star. Programs are set, in which a group of guests were moderated by one or more conductors , debate on one or more informational issues , in order to provide as many perspectives as possible . Often incorporating different quality video pieces ( a story , a documentary , a survey … ), as illustrating the question asked.

Talk shows.

Programs report.

Infotainment. This Anglo-Saxon (mixture of information , information, and entertainment , entertainment ) , is designated to programs that , starting from a structure newscast address topics not usually take place in the same (consumption, fashion, beauty, celebrity gossip or entertainment, events, etc.). Include the so-called American tabloids , television equivalent , roughly, to the tabloid press.

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¿Qué es el BitTorrent?

BitTorrent es un protocolo de apoyo a la práctica de intercambio de archivos peer-to-peer que se utiliza para distribuir grandes cantidades de datos a través de Internet. BitTorrent es uno de los protocolos más comunes para transferir archivos de gran tamaño y las redes peer-to-peer se ha estimado que en conjunto representan aproximadamente el 43% y el 70% de todo el tráfico de Internet (dependiendo de la ubicación geográfica) en febrero de 2009.

En noviembre de 2004, BitTorrent fue responsable de 35% de todo el tráfico de Internet. En febrero de 2013, BitTorrent fue responsable de 3,35% de todo el ancho de banda en todo el mundo, más de la mitad del 6% del ancho de banda total dedicado a compartir archivos.

Programador Bram Cohen diseñó el protocolo, en abril de 2001 y lanzó la primera versión disponible el 2 de julio de 2001,  y la versión final en 2008.

Más sobre Bit Torrent

Los clientes de BitTorrent están disponibles para una variedad de plataformas informáticas y sistemas operativos incluyendo un cliente oficial publicado por Bittorrent, Inc.

A partir de 2009, BitTorrent presuntamente tenía aproximadamente el mismo número de usuarios activos en línea, los espectadores de YouTube y Facebook combined.As enero de 2012, BitTorrent es utilizado por 150 millones de usuarios activos (de acuerdo con BitTorrent, Inc.). En base a esta cifra, el número total de usuarios al mes BitTorrent se puede estimar en más de un cuarto de millones de dólares.

How to Choose Your Laptop: the keys to a good choice

ordenadores baratos de ocasion

ordenadores baratos

Are you thinking about buying a laptop? Do not know where to start to choose? Have you ever thinked about ordenadores baratos de ocasión? Do not worry! In Xombit know that it is often difficult to choose a good laptop, so we will teach you how to choose the laptop which best suits your needs. In this series of articles we will guide you through all aspects you have to keep in mind when buying your gear, in and find out!

A few months ago, in Technonews 2013 published a tutorial on how to build your own computer, but yet not everyone wants or can buy a desktop computer, so, today we released a small section that we are going to teach Choose your laptop. This is the first in a series of articles in which we learn what each component and what is the equipment that best suits our needs just to be able to choose a good computer without spending more money than necessary.

On many occasions, when a few months ago we bought a laptop, we realize that we are not used to perform the tasks that we want as it lacks power. Similarly, sometimes we spend more money on that team relevant, so in a way, this series can also help you save some money.

Before you begin to see all the team members, we will discuss that laptop computers are complex machines that often do not give us what we expect, because its performance leaves something to be desired, so it is highly advisable that before buying a laptop to seek online reviews of people who have already tried.

This collection of chapters will be composed of a series of episodes that will try to analyze in depth the elements of a laptop, components, size, display and, ultimately, all that we have to keep in mind when choose our laptop.


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Apple iPhone5 vs Samsung Galaxy

Samsung, Apple, Android … Go trio, there is that these three lines have given us a lot to write about. What we bring you today is one of those articles that never quite fair, but we love to read. What Android does not like reading how an Android terminal distorts the eternal rival? We borrowed a small list that we bring you to see why the Samsung Galaxy S 4 “snack” to iPhone 5, so far, on paper. Take a seat we started.

Here we return to one of these items that they might go in the Hello of the geek or any other cover of the tabloids / green. This is a post that will feed the ego android, is entirely justified or not, it is clearly intended to enhance the virtues of a terminal versus another. So if you’re a lover of Android, or just like “put him cane” to the block, then we show fifteen areas in which, according AndroidPIT, our beloved prematurely Samsung Galaxy S 4 chest out to the flagship manzanero . Lights, Camera … Action!

1. Full HD vs Retina Display

Let’s start with this lighthearted display list. And the famous Apple Retina has been completely outdated, normal on the other hand, with the new batch of screens full HD high-end Android. 441 pixels per inch by Samsung against the iPhone 326. If we add more inch that counts the Korean terminal, in this respect it is clear that Samsung is one step ahead. Although we must keep in mind that not everyone looking for a terminal of this size.

2. Interesting software enhancementsSamsung-Galaxy-S4-vs-Apple-iPhone-5-01

One of the new software enhancements that include the Koreans in their new flagship is the S-Health, or what is the same, a kind of assistant to exercise that control different parameters like calories, heart rate, temperature and humidity even the environment through a sensor to it, which helps in planning the exercise. The iPhone does not have this feature.

Another interesting feature of this new Samsung Galaxy S 4 is the inclusion of Story Album, an image management system where you can create custom albums for events, apply themes, labels and more.

3. Camera

Samsung rides a 13 Megapixel sensor compared to Apple’s 8MP. In addition, the Korean terminal features the new Dual Camera function, with which we can make catches with front and rear camera at the same time, with different effects for mixing two images. Nothing like in iPhone.

4. Hardware power

They have already been tested and has been shown to quad-core processor Samsung Galaxy S 4 is almost twice faster than the Dual-core iPhone 5. In addition, in the aspect we find RAM 2 GB by the Asian terminal versus 1 GB by Cupertino. Although Apple terminal fluidity is exquisite, this superiority of hardware makes this point means the 4-0 to Samsung.

Samsung vs Apple

5. Personalization

This point could win even the mythical HTC Dream, the first Android market, because as we all know very well one of the most outstanding virtues of and identify Android is the great customization that allows the user a quick and easy way. In contrast, Apple’s iOS system does not lead to significant changes let alone without going to “tinker” in depth terminal software as the famous jailbreak methods. This makes mannitol (5-0) for Koreans.

6. Google Now vs Siri

At this point, we must be fair and admit that at first, Siri was superior to Google Now, but in the current situation of Google service has won many integers, offering many opportunities across a wide range of “cards” that system is used to convey information to the user. But if you do not want to miss anything about Google Now, do not hesitate to visit the set of items that our colleague Fercatodic made about it, which speaks in depth of this rival to Siri and is explained in great detail operation.

7. More battery and more memory

Something that is being forgotten by many Android manufacturers, as happens with the iPhone, is the ability to expand via microSD memory and something for me more importantly, the ability to replace the battery. For many perhaps not important, but I think that something as simple as removing the lid to give your phone a fully charged battery, or even replace it with a new one when it no longer gives the usual performance, is a choice that I love having in my terminal and I would lose. The new Samsung gives you the both the battery and the storage expansion, not so with any of the iPhone.

8. Gesture recognition and gaze

One of the most desirable to prove that Samsung includes in its software but do not know if all will be to our liking for daily use, is the recognition that the terminal will interpret gestures to perform various actions, such as hand shake front of the screen to pick up a call. In addition, the new tracking system for scroll view for example, to browse the internet, or Smart Pause system that stops and starts playing videos as look or not to complete an interesting display package features not found in iOS.

9. NFC

So, not much more to explain at this point, unless the increasingly used NFC technology, which still has a lot of evolution to implement on a daily basis in our life, is available at the terminal unlike Samsung what gives us the iPhone 5.

10. Multitask with case

We can not forget the multitasking ability of management that we have in the terminal Korean, precursor of the pop-up to include this feature in the Samsung Galaxy S III and pioneering addition to the multi-window option, released in Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. Options you will have in this Samsung Galaxy S 4, plus some family devices. This gives us a new vision of multitasking, which with the addition of the large five-inch display make do several things at the same time with this handset is quite an experience. We leave you with a video courtesy of AndroidAuthority comparing both devices in presenting the Korean terminal:


Before the end wanted to offer one last powerful reason, at least to me, why a Samsung Galaxy S 4 or any other terminal in Android is superior to iPhone. It is possible to install an alternative keyboard, specifically, one so popular with sliding function for writing. In this case, I will name which for me is the best there is for its great capacity for learning and prediction, but also by the possibility of predicting in three languages ​​simultaneously. SwiftKey is that the terminal will also include default Korean. I leave you with the video interesting:

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Technology is the set of technical, scientifically arranged, enabling design and create goods and services that facilitate adaptation to the environment and satisfying the essential needs as desires of humanity. It is a word of Greek origin, τεχνολογία formed by Techne (τέχνη, art, technique or craft, which can be translated as skill) and ology (λογία, the study of something). Although there are many very different technologies, it is common to use the term in the singular to refer to one or to all of them.

When you write with a capital, technology can refer to both the theoretical discipline that studies the common knowledge to all technologies and technological education, school discipline doomed to familiarization with the most important technologies.
Technological activity affects the social and economic progress, but overwhelmingly commercial nature makes you more focused on the wishes of the most prosperous (consumerism) that the essential needs of the needy, which also tends to make no use sustainable environment.

However, technology can also be used to protect the environment and prevent the growing needs cause a depletion or degradation of material and energy resources of the planet or increase social inequalities. As is intensive, direct or indirect, of the environment (biosphere), is the main cause of increasing depletion and degradation of natural resources of the planet.

Symbolic function of technological objects

When the main function of technological objects is symbolic, not meet people’s basic needs and become means of establishing social status and power relations.
The most prominent and frequent technological objects manufactured by its symbolic function is that of the great buildings: cathedrals, palaces, giant skyscrapers. They are designed to belittle those inside (the case of large atriums and high ceilings of cathedrals), dazzle with fancy displays (case of palaces), instill awe and humility (for large skyscraper). It is no coincidence that the terrorists of September 11, 2001 elected as the main target of their attacks on the Twin Towers in New York, site of the World Trade Organization and main symbol of American economic power center.Jewelry made of precious metals and stones have no impact in terms of beauty (often comparable to a cheap imitation) as to be clear indicators of the wealth of their owners. The top brand expensive clothes have traditionally been indicators of social status of their bearers. In colonial America, for example, was punished by whipping a slave or freedman African Spanish used clothing for pretending to be what it is not.

The Apollo Project was launched by President John F. Kennedy at the height of the Cold War, when the U.S. was apparently losing the space race against the Russians, to show the world the intelligence, wealth, power and technological capacity of the U.S.. With the pyramids of Egypt, is the most costly example of the symbolic use of technology.

Source: Wikipedia